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We help our clients
grow their businesses globally

While managing private businesses, our partners were approached by colleagues seeking assistance in navigating the complexities of investing in and scaling companies to a global stage.

This led to the establishment of Aidi, designed to empower the next generation of enterpreneurs to build and invest in high-growth businesses.

We’re proud to work with strategic partners

We're a global team of


Invested in fintech and sass technology companies by Aidi capital partners


Raised by Aidi companies from global funds like A16z, Insight Partners, and Y Combinator


In asset under management across all private asset portfolio managed for clients


Invest in and provide support to growing businesses

Navigating the complexities of investing in and scaling businesses to a global stage can be challenging. Drawing from our own experiences, we have learned from past mistakes and strive to guide you towards a more successful journey.

Join Aidi's private clients who are investing, growing their wealth, and building successful businesses across Africa