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Lagos, Nigeria helps Africans verify their credit status using pre-approved data gotten from bank statements, government and other real-time financial sources. This is used to create powerful financial data verification services for retail businesses, fintechs and microfinance institutions in Africa. 

Why is this an opportunity not to be missed? 

There are significant credit gaps across all sectors of the credit market. In Nigeria alone, the credit gap is currently valued at N74trillion($130b). 

In 2015, the CBN published data revealing that only 5m Nigerians had taken out personal loans worth $7bn. According to statistics by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), the value of consumer loans moved from N584 billion in 2012 to N786 billion in 2015. This is 35 percent growth in just three years. 

CreditChek's team has extensive experience across financial technology services, credit and data security; 

Kingsley Ibe is co-founder & CEO. Previously, he was COO at OyaPay (cofounded by Abdul Hassan, CEO, Mono). Kingsley also cofounded a micro-lending startup - MicroMoni, which was later acquired in 2020 by AjoCard. 

Lionel Orishane is the CTO: Previously, he led expansion across Africa as a Senior presales and security consultant, West Africa at Redington Gulf and Cyber Security Practice Lead, Sub-Saharan Africa at Trend Micro Inc.